Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put personal items in the coffin, However any items which are glass, metal or combustible will need to removed before a cremation takes place.

Yes, we advise that clothing is provided for the deceased – especially if there will be chapel visits. The clothing can be anything you wish – from favourite slippers to wedding dresses – the choice is yours. Please be aware that some items of clothing maybe unsuitable if the deceased is to be cremated – we will therefore return to you any item which cannot remain in the coffin after the funeral has taken place.

Yes, we welcome any family members that may want to assist.

The chapel of rest is a room where family and friends can come and visit the deceased. Families can bring music, pictures and items which make the room feel personal to them – we ask for just an hours notice before a chapel visit takes place and families can stay for as long as they wish. We do not charge for chapel visits to take place unless they are required when the family have chosen a Direct Cremation option but we will always discuss this with you.

We are happy to arrange this and would give a short briefing to ensure that all are prepared and we will be on hand to help at all times when the coffin is being carried.

Here you will find useful information from the government, about what to do when someone dies

The choices are endless. You may find the website Scattering Ashes useful for ideas, inspiration and products.

The simple answer is yes, at any time – you may need to be aware though that the dismissed firm may charge if they have already carried out services such as removal of deceased from place of death, especially if this was out of hours. You will be responsible for these fees.

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